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A unique medium of expression Don't you know the 1970's prints and drawings of B. Jayaram? They are well-known; contemporaneous and metaphorically articulated the urban world around. His contemplation of intellectually insightful narratives are open to constant manipulation. This manifestation is associated with satirized wit and vigor.

Jayaram's expressions are not represent a sudden break with the past, but also timeless meeting point of present with the future. He captured the inner psychological subtleties of the middle class characters that he daily met in the metro city. Free flowing, sometimes crafty, poetic, draftsmanship like exquisite line drawings and prints are used to etch out the insight and thoughts of the characters.

His 1980's fresh line drawings are consciously elitist in its outlook. In the expressions of 2011, Jay ram's documentation of contemporary happenings are intriguing. Some of his perceptions are an exquisite confection crafted to ticle the sensitive spots of the viewers mental faculties. Hence his aesthetic response to the forms is unique and universal.

The'BUS'(1980) series of drawings and paintings are perceived exceptionally. They are the articulations of studies drawn from human psychology where by he could stimulate the subconscious mind to yield some of its limitless depository of fantastic and dream like compositions. You can also feel the inter relationship between his sensitive perceptions with haunting elements in some of his 1978-1993 creations like, 'Arrest', 'Birth and Death', 'Jealousy', 'Tension', 'Interwoven', 'Portrait' are all stemmed out of the life around.

The more you look at Jayaram's expressions with an aesthetic attitude, the more you will be able to feel. He contemplated the contemporaneous visual dialectical context intellectually in the turbulent backdrop of universally encountered globalization. His 2011's surrealistic - feminist manifestations are colourfully intensive. The act of his creative process is a never ending journey, in which we are all the fellow travelers!

                                             -K.V.Subramanyam                                        Visual Art Historian and Critic

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